Urban Hip Tech Foundation purposes to bridge the educational resource gap among South Los Angeles
communities. We aim to empower local students and ex-felons to develop professional aptitudes and attitudes.
We’ve partnered with the organization, The Big House, to assist in urban business incubator programs that
provides career growth for participants while serving as a pipeline of minority candidates to the tech industry

  •  Economic Development and Job Training Center (Job Prep | Interview | Social Skills)
  • Career Pathways
  •  Tech Training
  •  Entrepreneurship
  •  Community Partnerships

There are very few entrepreneurial classes or technology skills being taught in most of our urban schools. Urban
Hip Tech Foundation immerses students in a virtual yet collaborative, rigorous and creative environment that
stimulates creativity. We encourage students to design and develop programs and applications that provide real world solutions. The following is the outline of the scope and sequence of the UHTF curricular pathway:

  • Introduce Entrepreneur’s Soft Skills
  •  Goal Setting and Product Development
  •  Business Ethics
  •  Teamwork and Motivation
  •  Profit and Social Responsibility
  •  Scientific inquiry
  •  Questioning
  •  Researching
  •  Collaborating & Planning
  •  Creating
  •  Testing & Improving


-Concept Design allowing for the incubation of ideas from inception to production

  • Coding For Kids – We have developed a curriculum that teaches core programing skills in a manner that progresses to improve the proficiency of writing code languages for all
  • Crime To Coding – Urban Hip Tech Foundation has developed a Recidivism initiative that includes teaching formerly incarcerated individuals the necessary skill set to pursue careers in IT and leverage their existing business acumen into entrepreneurship.
  • STEAM=Building blocks of the feature:

UHTF puts the STEAM into STEM adding the Arts as the driving learning force. Science Technology Engineering Arts & Mathematics (STEAM) education is an integrated and student-driven method of instruction. It is a blend of theory and hands-on concepts based on these five disciplines and real-world experiences. Creating and enabling the development of human capital to compete in the new knowledge-based economy is being accomplished by everyday application of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics to real life. We encourage learning complex issues through the creative edge of music, theater, film, photography, animation and fine arts. Creative learning is empowerment learning, which is a fundamental of the UHTF philosophy of learning through the promotion of creative expression. Learning is the expression of human potential. Urban Hip Tech Foundation is the access and resource for that expression.

Preparing the next generation for lucrative careers in technology and financial independence.